Update on my Demorest Treadle Machine

Last year I wrote about my Demorest treadle sewing machine and today I finally sewed with it!  The thread guide is missing so my Dad rigged up a wire thread guide for me.

The thread guide my Dad made.

Isn’t it clever?

The poor machine bereft of its thread guide.

I hope you all had a great Independence Day!



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4 responses to “Update on my Demorest Treadle Machine

  1. tracy

    Can you give a walk thru how to tread a demorest machine?
    Everyting seems to work, but can’t get mine to pick up the bobbin.
    NOt sure if I have it threaded correctly or if I have the tension thing at the top threaded correctly. Would love to get it working!

  2. I also have a Demorest treadle machine, exactly like yours. Mine is missing the needle clamp and needle guide. I just don’t know what I could do to replace those parts. Everything else is in great shape and I really wish I could use it for my quilting. If you have any idea to replace those parts that I am missing, I would greatly appreciate it. I will look at your tutorial for sure!! Best regards.

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