Humorous Advice For Mothers

My brother showed me this piece of vintage advice and I thought it was hilarious.

I am tempted to do this to some boys I know.  Hmm…

And now for something completely different:  I’m planning on making a Sontag out of a re-purposed sweater.  I kind of feel bad because it’s a really nice Irish wool sweater.  I found it at Goodwill.  I’m debating the merits of whether or not to dye it.  If I do I think I’d dye it with tea or coffee.

“When will you get around to doing this, Madame Butterfly?”  You ask.  “Amid all your other projects, when will you do it?”

To this I reply, “I’ll make a schedule!”  You roll your eyes.  “What?!”  I say,  “Don’t you trust me to get things done?”  More eye rolling.

Really, I have every intention of making at the very least a To Do List.  Honest.  And I’ll post pictures of the sweater before I unravel it.  I’m trying to decide on whether to do the basket weave version or the garter stitch version, but I’m leaning more towards garter stitch.

So that’s my new idea.  As if I didn’t have enough.


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  1. I think my aunt threatened my cousins with this… lol.

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