September Musings

It’s been nice and cool lately; the leaves should be turning soon.  I feel like knitting.  That’s a good thing, right?  Eventually I would like to try socks, but they seem rather intimidating.  So do sweaters.  But I’d like to make both eventually.  Dishcloths and all things square and rectangular are my cup of tea.  Log cabin knitting is fun.  Until you get a three foot wide strip to knit, then it gets slightly tedious.  But it’s still a rectangle and therefore fun.

I love how knitting makes me feel productive and free from reliance on manufacturers.  I remember when I made my first pair of mittens, just plain ones, and I told my family something along the lines of “When the mitten factories go down I won’t worry at all!”  I felt really good about making something for myself.

It makes me sad that a lot of people don’t know how to make their own stuff, or even how to fix the things they have.  But I think more people are learning how to do old crafts again, and that’s encouraging.  A resurgence of crafters is exactly what we need!  I’m not saying people have to make everything for themselves, just that we shouldn’t be so reliant on stores and one-use items.  However, I am very grateful for TP.  VERY GRATEFUL.  And paper towels too.  And tissues.  Without tissues and TP, what would we make covers for?

Mom wants me to make her an apron for her birthday since her old one is wearing out.  I’ll post pictures of it once it’s made.  The fabric is a deep blue cotton floral and the backing is cream.  Very washable, very pretty.  I’ll leave you all to drool over the possibilities.


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