Pander to the Pincushions

Every time I say or think “Hey, it’s getting cooler!”  the weather proves me wrong.  Sunday night was quite cool.  Now it’s warm.  Okay, for all my griping, it’s really not that bad, except for the humidity.

I’ve been working on the Homespun Shawl.  It’s like the tortoise and the hare, and I’m the tortoise.  Maybe I should call it the Tortoise Shawl.

Project of the day: a scrappy pincushion.  The idea is simple, the execution was awkward.  But now that I know the general process, next time will be easier.  I’ve already got in mind what I could do better.  More batting, for sure.  This one’s kind of lightweight.

The pink material was from a friend and the green is left over from the first skirt I ever made.  I think it’s more of a decorative pincushion, since it needs more batting.  I could take it apart and put more in, but, no.  I’m not doing that.

All in all, it was fun to make and you’ll probably be seeing more.


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