Homespun Shawl

Here’s one of the projects currently on the needles.  It’s a simple triangular shawl.  I call it the Homespun Shawl because it reminds me of homey pioneer textiles.

The yarn is wool and acrylic blend, warm and strong.  Getting the picture so you could see the shape was difficult because the circular needles kept twisting.  Any ideas on how to fix that?

This shawl will eventually go into the shop.  Eventually.  But now that it’s getting cooler (slightly) I’ll be getting back into the swing of my knitting.  A pile of knitting on your lap is great in the cold months.

I like this project because it’s slightly mindless.  I can knit it while watching a movie or talking.  Having several projects going at once is also nice because if I get tired of one, I can work on one of the others.

Ah, let’s not forget the ongoing contest.  Remember: no Googling for answers.  Donadagohvi!



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